Route description

Route description

new-shop-2Casa de Buceo – the divehouse La Palma
Calle Conrado Hernandez 4
38760 Los Llanos de Aridane
La Palma – Canary Islands – Spain

T: +34 922 464 886
M: +34 663326520

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Route description to Casa de Buceo:

Our divecentre lies in the center of the lively town ofLos Llanos, at the Westside from La Palma. From the airport (SPC) you follow the roadsigns to Los Llanos, over the Cumbre, through the tunnel, there where the sun shines very often.
The route goes by El Paso and further down, to Los Llanos. When you arrive in Los Llanos find yourself a parkingplace at one of the parkingareas near the center of the town. Along the mainroad there are signs for parking areas and also for a big parking garage. Look at the map. Our divecentre is close to the Plaza de España, the cosiest Plaza from La Palma and the Plaza Chica and just a stone´s throw away from de parking.