Diving on La Palma

Welcome in the unique underwaterworld of La Palma!

malpiqueLa Palma, the prettiest Canary Island (it is also called: La Isla Bonita) has got a surprisingly nice and special underwaterworld. The deep blue color of the Atlantic ocean, alternated with fanciful rockformations and lava rocks make it to an unique diving area.

But also the live under water is very exuberant. Almost always there is a lot of fish around the island, more than a lot of fish. From small neonlike coloured fish (pejeverde) to big baracudas. But also a lot of cuttlefish and big rays. At bigger depths ( >30 meter) you can see the black coral, which is everything, but black. It has got a brounish color.

We almost always dive from shore. We do not need a boat, to see and dive at the nicest areas. At La Palma we do not have a lot of currents and we can dive thoughout the year. Sometimes (and that is mostly in the South of the island) we have to take the full and new moon into account.

Always spring, also under water
The water has during the winter a temperature of mininum 18 degrees and in summer it can get a temperature of a very pleasant maximum of 25 degrees. La Palma has a very mild climate. It is almost always spring and very pleasant. The whole year through about 25 degrees. That also makes La Palma a unique and very pleasant detination for your (diving)holiday.

In the winter, the waves at the ocean can increase and the wavebraking is very rough, which makes the ocean inaccessible on 1 side. Is the ocean to rough in the west, than the east is quiet. That is why we can dive the whole year through.

gorgonen_lapalma-loscancajosIt´s so quiet here!
La Palma is a quiet island, not yet spoiled by massturism, The diving areas are always quiet and the groups are small. It is very likely you only see fish. You do not feel like scubadiving one day, than La Palma has a lot to offer above the water. For most people a week La Palma is way to short. Almost everybody returns to the island and mostly a bit longer than a week to see realy everything from this special island.