Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Boog MalpiqueThis course is the next step in your scuba diving training. You will expand your skills and the limits of the depth you are allowed to dive to.

The advanced open water diver course (AOWD) consists off:

  • 5 Adventure dives, from which 2 are obligatory, and 3 are your own choice.
  • Obligatory: Deep diving (max 30 meters) and navigation.
  • Your possibilities on La Palma:
    • Nightdive, Peak Performance Boyancy, Digital Underwater Photography, Search and recovery, Fishrecognation, Boatdive.

What do you need:

  • age of 15 years or older (with 12 -15 years you will get your junior Advanced Open Water)
  • Open Water Diver van PADI or equal from other organisation (like SSI, Cemas etc)
  • Medical statement, also possibel to arrange here
  • Divinginsurance, we can also arrange this. 

How long does it take::

  • 5 dives, Mostley 2 days (2 dives a day) and an evening, if you chose the nightdive. 

The dives you make are manely to expand your skills and try diving in different situations. A nice course, in which we try to make dives on as many different divespots! 

You can also prepar the theory at home, click her for e-learning.